A Fosters Meadow Presentation, 2016

Here are the topics presented at the gathering in the Elmont Memorial Library, April 2, 2016.


1 - The German Settlements of Nineteenth Century on Long Island

     Dr. Paul van Wie, president of the Franklin Square Historical Society, presented the various towns

     where immigrant Germans settled on  Long Island.

2 - St. Boniface Parish and the German Catholic Church in America

      Paul Hoffman presented, well documented discussion of the development of the German Catholic church in

      America with the historical progression on how St. Boniface Roman Catholic church was established in

      Fosters Meadow, today Elmont.

3 - Murder and Mayhem in Peaceful Foster's Meadow

      Ed Wesnofske presented an interesting collection of information on crime and a murder

      that occurred in this rural farming community.