Frank Walter Barth was born in New York in August 1865. 


 Anna Magdalena “Lena” Stegner was born on 26 December, 1876 in Fosters Meadow, now Elmont, New York. Anna Magdalena went by the name of “Lena” and her records reflect the use of this name.


Frank was 26 years old on the 1892 census and was working as a laborer in North Hempstead.


Frank 32, married Anna Magdalena “Lena” Stegner, she was 21 years old and they were married on 20 April, 1897. The witnesses to their wedding were Henry and Anna Woest.


Frank and Lena in 1900 were living in North Hempstead and Frank was working as a day laborer. They had two sons at this time, Frank, two years old and John was one year old.


The Barth family in 1910 were living on John Street in Hempstead. Frank was employed as a house carpenter. Frank and Lena had seven children on the 1910 census and they were Frank thirteen, John eleven, Annie nine, Philip seven, Helen five, Frederick three and Louise was a year and two months old.


On the 1915 census frank was working as a farmer. The family still lived on John Street in North Hempstead. The Barth’s now had nine children. Frank Jr. eighteen, was working as a farmer, John sixteen, Anna fourteen, Philip twelve, Helen ten, Frederick eight, Louise six, George five and William two.


In 1920 on the census Lena is listed as the head of the family. Frank was missing from this census. Lena and family were living on Nassau Boulevard, along with two of her brothers, William and Jacob Stegner. Lena’s son, John, was working as a farm laborer, daughter Anna was working as a helper in a shirt factory and son Philip was a chauffeur for a private family.


Lena is again listed on a 1930 census as being the head of the house. She was still living on Nassau Boulevard in Hempstead with her three sons and a daughter. Lena’s two brothers, Jacob and William are listed on the census. 


Frank Barth was living on Nassau Boulevard, in Hempstead in the Munson area on a 1930 census. Frank was listed as living alone and working as a building watchman. 


Frank dies on 28 February, 1934 and the New York Death Index list his death location as Amityville. No burial found for Frank Barth.


Lena Barth died on 9 January, 1937 at Mineola according to the St. Paul’s Church record. 


There is a Lena, with no last name listed on the church index cards, as being buried in the Stegner burial plot 102. 


Fred Barth Jr. remembers visiting the Stegner plot at the St. Paul’s Church Cemetery. Fred’s father and his brother, John Barth, paid the final burial expenses for Lena and tended to the family plot.


Frank and Lena had nine children together:


Frank Walter Barth Jr was born 21 May, 1897 at New Hyde Park, New York. 

Frank, age eighteen, was listed as a farmer on the 1915 census. 


Frank married Christina Kildson on 7 January, 1920. Christina was born on 26 February, 1903 in Brookyln, New York.


Frank had a short enlistment in WWI. He was drafted on 4 September, 1918 and honorably discharged on 31 December, 1918.


At age 22 on the January 28th,1920 census, he was listed as a driver for a furniture store. His wife Christina’s age is listed as being sixteen years old. They were living with Christina’s mother, Emma Kildson in Hempstead. 


In 1930 Frank and Christina were living in North Hempstead on Westbury Avenue. Franks occupation was a mechanic in a garage. They had two children, a son Frank age six and a daughter Christina age Five.


Frank and Christina and their two children were still living on Westbury Avenue in North Hempstead in 1940. Frank was working as a contractor truck driver.


Frank’s WWII draft registration dated 14 February, 1942 had him working at the Grummans Aircraft Engineering Corp. No occupation listed.


Their daughter, Christina was married to William Leonardson in July of 1947.


By 1950, Frank and Christina had moved to 140 Spruce Street in West Hempstead. Frank and Christina lived in the downstairs portion of the house. 


Frank’s son and his wife Helen lived in the upstairs rooms. The elder Frank was working as an auto mechanic. The younger Frank was an account at a linotype company.


Frank died on 27 May, 1982 in West Hempstead, Christina died on 25 May, 1991 in Smithtown, New York.  Frank and Christina are buried in the Kildson plot in Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York.


John Barth was born on 23 September, 1898 at New Hyde Park, New York. 


The January 1920 census has John’s age as twenty-one years old and still single. He was living with his mother Lena on Nassau Boulevard in Hempstead. He was working as a farm laborer.


John married Lina Josephine Heller, who was born on 18 November, 1903. They were married on 11 August, 1923.  


In 1930, John and Lina were living at 76 Spruce Street in West Hempstead. He was working as an automobile mechanic. They had two sons, Bernard J., three and a half years old and John one year, two months old. 


John and Liana (different spelling of Lina) were still living at 76 North Spruce Street in 1940 with their two sons. John was still employed as an auto mechanic.


On John’s WWII draft registration, dated 15 February, 1942 he was working at McDonalds Motors in Oceanside, New York.


The 1950 census has the Barth family living at 143 North Spruce Street in West Hempstead. John’s mother-in-law, Martha A. Heller, age 80 and widowed, was living with John and Lina. Frank worked as an automobile mechanic at a sales and service station. John Jr. was working as a lineman for the telephone company.


John moved to Eagle Lake, Florida in 1969. He died on 24 February, 1971 at Eagle Lake, Florida. 


Lina Heller Barth died on 10 September, 1990 at Polk, Florida.


Anna Barth was born on 5 January, 1901 at New Hyde Park, New York. 


She married George Carman on 27 September, 1922. George and Anna had two sons together, Nelson and George Carman. 


Anna died of heart trouble after a short illness. Anna was twenty-eight years old and died on 16 March, 1929. Anna is buried at the Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York along with her Husband George Carman.


Philip Barth was born on 6 December, 1902 at New Hyde Park, New York.


The 1920 census has Philip living with his mother Lena Barth on Nassau Boulevard in Hempstead. Philip was 17 years old and was working as a chauffeur for a private family. 


During the early 1930’s Philip married Mary Catherine Fitzsimmons. Mary was born on 22 October, 1903 in New Jersey.


The beginning of 1940 census has Philip and Mary living on 9 Oak Court in Hempstead. They have one daughter named Barbara, age 4. Philip was working as an auto mechanic for a garage. Mary’s brother, Joseph Fitzsimmons, was living with the Barth’s.


Philip registered for the WWII draft on 15 February, 1942. He was working for the Village of Garden City. His address was 9 Oak Court, Merrick, New York.


The 1950 Census has the Barth family still living at 9 Oak Court. Philip and Mary have two daughters, Barbara A., age fourteen and Mary L., age seven. Philips occupation was working for the Village of Garden City as an automobile mechanic. Mary’s brother Joseph Fitzsimmons was living with the Barth’s.


The Barth’s announced the engagement of their daughter, Barbara Ann, to Salvatore Sirianni, in The Tablet newspaper on the 26th on October, 1957. 


Philip Barth passed away on 2 May, 1972. He was survived by his wife Mary E. Barth and his two daughters Barbara Sirianni, Mary Lou O’Brien and seven grandchildren. He worked for the Village of Garden City for 39 years. Before 1933 he owned a gas station in Lynbrook. Sailing and fishing were his favorites hobbies. Philip belonged to Flotilla 13-9 of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Mary E. Barth passed away on 11 April, 1985. Both Philip and Mary are buried at the Cemetery of the Holy Rood, Westbury, New York.


Helen Lena Barth born in New Hyde Park, New York on 4 February, 1905. 


Helen married Frederick Otto Gross on 19 March, 1923. 


In 1930, Helen and Frederick were living on Garfield Street in Hempstead. They had three children, Fred age five, Caroline age four and William, one month old. Fred was working for Schauffer Gas Co. Frederick’s brother Walter was living with them.


On the 1940 census, Helen and Frederick had moved to Cherry Valley Avenue in Hempstead. Helen was working as an operator for a coat wholesaler and Frederick was working as an automobile mechanic.


Helen’s Husband, Frederick died on 13 November, 1945. He is buried at the Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York.


Helen was the head of the house on the 1950 census. She was then working as a sowing machine operator for a manufacturer of ladies’ coats and suits. Her daughter Caroline and her husband, Stanley Michaleski and their two sons, Howard and Robert, were living with her. 


Helen passed away on 19 December, 1972 and is buried with her husband at the Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York.


Frederick George Barth was born on 24 February, 1907 at Garden City, New York. 


Frederick married Myrtle Margaret Fehler on 24 October, 1934. Myrtle was born on 26 June, 1913 in Galesburg, Illinois.


The 1940 census has Frank, Myrtle and their four-year-old son. Frederick Barth Jr. was born in 1936. The Barth’s were living at 282 Miller Avenue in Freeport, New York. Frederick was working as a machinist in a machine shop. Myrtle brother, Henry Fehler, was living with the Barth’s.


Fred registered for the WWII draft on 16 October, 1940. He was then working at the Hempstead Machine Works in Hempstead, New York. Frank and Myrtle were then living at 21 Garfield Avenue in West Hempstead.  


In the 1950 census, Frederick and Myrtle were living in Garden City at 346 Garfield Avenue. Frederick was working in a sales and repair shop as a machinist. Fredrick Barth Jr. is now fourteen, his occupation was listed as “anything” on the census.


Frederick G. Barth died on 25 August, 1979. He was living at 3440 SW 16th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is buried at the Lauderdale Memorial Park in Lauderdale, Florida.


Myrtle M. Barth passed away in Liberty, Missouri on 29 December, 2007.


Note: Additional Myrtle Fehler family notes at end of Barth History.


Louise Margaret Barth was born on 9 February, 1909 at New Hyde Park, New York. 


Louise married Lawrence Randolph Healy on 24 August, 1930 in Hempstead, New York. Lawrence was born on 21 March, 1911 and was nineteen years old when he married Louise. Louise was twenty-one years old.


Lawrence and Louise had one son together. Lawrence Randolph Healy Jr. was born on 8 June, 1931 and died on 12 December, 2005 in Los Altos, California.


In 1940 Lawrence and Louise were living at 130 Bay Avenue in Oyster Bay. Lawrence was delivering ice cream.

Lawrence Joined the Army on 12 July, 1943. He achieved that rank of Technician fourth grade (T/4). Those who held the rank of T/4 were addressed as "sergeant," the same as the corresponding non-commissioned officer at the same pay grade. Lawrence was discharged on 6 January, 1946.

In December of 1946 Lawrence was named chairman of a new explorer post of the Boy Scouts of America.

On Lawrence’s draft registration dated 14 January, 1949, Lawrence and Louise were living on West John Street in Hicksville. Lawrence worked at Henry Pape Inc.

Louise died in Broward, Florida on 28 August, 1974. She is buried at the Long Island National Cemetery, East Farmingdale, New York. 


Lawrence Healy died in San Mateo County in California on 12 April, 1993. He is buried with his wife at the Long Island National Cemetery, East Farmingdale, New York.


George Fred Barth was born on 19 December, 1910 at Munson, New York.


George married his first wife, Florence Wassel, on the 8th of April, 1934.

George and Florence had two children together, Annis Barth born in 1938 and Gary Barth born in 1944. 


George registered for the WWII draft on 10 October, 1940. He was living with his wife, Florence, 472 Atlantic Avenue in Freeport, New York. He was working for the Coca Cola Bottling Company.


George married his second wife, Virginia Hummel on 5 June, 1951. Virginia’s maiden name was Virginia Mary McKiernan. George and Virginia had no children together.


Virginia was first married to John Hummel on 16 June, 1937.


On the 1940 census, John and Virginia Hummel were living with her parents, John and Rose McKiernan on 247th Street in Queens. George was a clerk at a retail grocery. They had two children together, George and Laraine Hummel.


Virginia is listed as the head of the house on the 1950 census along with her two children. She was living on 250th street, 141-24 upstairs in Queens, New York. She was working as a secretary/file clerk at a wholesale Soda Company. No mention of John Hummel.


George Fred Barth died in 1978 and is buried at the Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York. 


Virgina Barth died on 2 March, 2011 at Clearwater, Florida. She is buried at the Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater, Florida. She was survived by her daughter Laraine Hummel, son step-son Gary Barth, and deceased step-daughter and son, Annis Barth and George Hummel. She had eight great grandchildren and one great grandchild.


William John Barth was born on January 18th, 1913 and his birth place was Munson, New York. 


William married a lady named Eleanor sometime before 1940. No information found on her family or her maiden name.


His draft registration was dated 16 October, 1940 and his address was at 72 Christobal Street in Lynbrook, New York. His employer was Hendrickson Brothers Inc. His wife is listed as Eleanor Barth.


The April 1940 census listed William and Eleanor living at 72 Christobal Street in Lynbrook. William occupation was as an apprentice engineer for a contracting company.


On the 1950 census William and Eleanor were living upstairs at 114 Lexington Avenue in Hempstead. Was working as an apprentice engineer for a contractor.


William Barth died on 15 March, 1957 and he is buried at the Greenfield Cemetery, Uniondale, New York.


No death information found for his wife Eleanor. 


Myrtle Fehler Family 


Myrtle’s father was Heinrich “Henry“ Friedrich Wilhelm Fehler. He was born on 21 August, 1882 in Osternburg, Niedersachsen, Deutchland. He died in June of 1969 in Florida.


Henry was first married to Johanna Hurling in 1906. Johanna died on 28 March, 1914. Henry and Johanna had five daughters and one son together. 


Their eldest daughter, Martha was born on 27 July, 1907 and died on 22 December 1918. She was eleven years old when she died in Galesburg, Knox, Illinois.


The other children’s ages on the 1920 census were, Irene eleven, Nina nine, Henry eight, Ruth seven and Myrtle six. 


Henry’s second wife was Grace Lene Baird and he married her on 2 November, 1919 in Knox, Illinois. 


Henry Fehler, born 21 August, 1882, WWII draft registration lists Myrtle Barth as personal contact.



Henry died in June of 1968 in Florida. He is buried at the Lauderdale Memorial Park in Lauderdale, Florida.


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