Andreas Kraus was born on April 26, 1808 in Binsbach, Unterfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria, a small village located approximately 90 miles east of Frankfurt. He married Maria Schraut (various spelling have been found, Schraud and Schrondar) on August 30, 1836 in Gaenheim, Unterfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria. Maria was born on March 8, 1811 and baptized on March 9, 1811 in Burggrumbach, Unterfranken. On their marriage certificate it showed that Andreas was born on April 2, 1808, however his tombstone reads April 26, 1808. Andreas and Maria immigrated to America along with their family in 1846. He purchased land on June 6, 1859 from Charles Hendrickson, 2 acres for $75, an area called Centre of the Globe, the boundary between Fosters Meadow and Valley Stream. It appears that this land was next to land previously purchased by Mr. Kraus (sometime between 1850 and 1853). Andrew passed away on October 3, 1863 and his wife on November 24, 1874. Both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery in Elmont, NY. They had 4 children Johann Andreas, Barbara, Philip Johann and Gertrude Kunigunde


Their first child was Johann Andreas, born on June 18, 1837 in Binsbach, Kingdom of Bavaria, and baptized on July 1837 in Gaenheim. He married Christine Bach on October 27, 1868 at St. Boniface RC Church in Elmont. His wife Christine was born in 1850 in Germany. They had 4 children, John Andreas, Nicholaus John, Katherine and John. Johann Andreas died on October 30, in Fosters Meadow and his wife, Christine in April of 1880, both are buried in St. Boniface RC Church, Elmont, NY.


The second child was Barbara born on December 12, 1838 in Binsbach, Unterfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria. She married Philip Lebkuecher on April 5, 1865 at St. Fedelis RC Church in College Point, Queens, NY. Philip was born on March 28, 1838 in Ottersheim, Bubenheim, Rhineland-Palatinate region in the Kingdom of Bavaria. They had 5 children, Philip, John Adam, Andrew J., Christian C. and Peter Francis.


The third child, was Philip Johann born on October 23, 1842 in Binsbach, Unterfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria.  He married Mary Anna Kiesel sometime between 1873 and 1874. They had eleven children, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Anna Margaret, John William, Frederick Philip, Charles, Philip, Andrew, Nicholas, Marie Barbara and Joseph Andrew.  Philip Andreas died on August 20, 1929 and his wife on December 31, 1931, both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery, Elmont, NY.


The fourth child, Gertrude Kunigunde was born on January 11, 1845 in Binsbach, Unterfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria. She married Nicholas Hoeffner on May 7, 1867 at St. Boniface RC Church, Elmont, NY. They had 10 children, Philip Nicholas, Margaret Barbara, Daniel Nicholas, Maria Katherine, Katharine, John Henry, George Nicholas, Gertrude, Andrew Peter and Maria Anna.  Her husband, Nicholas died on December 4, 1903 in Elmont, NY and Gertrude died at her daughter’s house, Katherine Hoeffner-Christ on April 29, 1917 in Westbury, NY.  Both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery, Elmont, NY.



Submitted by Raymond Hoeffner