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First Meeting of Fosters Meadow Families - May 2002


German families of Fosters Meadow and environs met with the Franklin Square Historical Society at the Washington Avenue School in Franklin Square, NY. 

Fosters Meadow History by Paul Hoffman, Display of Memorabilia

Presentation of Foster Meadow history and memorabilia displayed  by Foster Meadow descendants at the Elmont Memorial Library, Elmont, NY - Jan 2011 - read the LI Herald Article.

Horseradish 2011 - homemade at the Franklin Square Historical Societys museum, Franklin Square, NY  - April 2011 - read the LI Herald Article.

Ancestors Day -  Tidying up ancestors graves in St. Boniface Cemetery, Elmont, NY - June 2011

Horseradish 2012 - Homemade at the Franklin Square Historical Society’s Museum, Franklin Square, NY - April 2012


Who Stole Fosters MeadowPresentation of Fosters Meadow by Ed Wesnofske at the Elmont Memorial Library, Elmont, NY - May 2013

Dominican Sisters Motherhouse - Sisters Erica and Barbara hosted a tour of the Rosary Hall, courtyard, St. Dominic’s Chapel and cemetery, along with a presentation of their history, Amityville, NY - Oct. 28, 2012

Most Holy Trinity - Nov 2012

Launching of the Fosters Meadow Website - April 5, 2014.  After years of preparation, we brought Fosters Meadow into the homes of the public who are interested the the history of this German farming community.

  • The history of the famous German-American Handel’s Duck Inn of Elmont, by Paul Deluca, lifetime resident of Elmont.
  • The trials and tribulations of tracking Fosters Meadow ancestors using US Census data. by Paul Hoffman.
  • Everything you wanted to know about Fosters Meadow and didn't know where to find it. by Raymond Hoeffner.

Over 75 descendants and friends attended the event.


Journey Back to Fosters Meadow - Elmont Memorial Library, Elmont, NY - April 14, 2015

A Fosters Meadow Presentation - April 2, 2016

1 - The German Settlements of Nineteenth Century on Long Island

     Dr. Paul van Wie, president of the Franklin Square Historical Society, presented the various towns where immigrant Germans settled on  Long Island.

2 - St. Boniface Parish and the German Catholic Church in America

      Paul Hoffman presented, well documented discussion of the development of the German Catholic church in America with the historical progression on how St. Boniface Roman Catholic church was established in Fosters Meadow, today Elmont.

3 - Murder and Mayhem in Peaceful Foster's Meadow

      Ed Wesnofske presented an interesting collection of information on crime and a murder that occurred in this rural farming community.


1- What I discovered in Doris Felten-Jones’ basement, my grandmother.

         - Jeffrey Jones Jr.
2 - Robert Sappelt - Fosters Meadow "Everyman"
         - Paul Hoffman
3 - Early Fire Protection and the History of the Elmont Fire Dept. Est. 1905
         - Michael Capoziello
4 "Am I in the Will?" - Family Legacy in Fosters Meadow
          - Ed Wesnofske


1- Early Beginnings of St. Catherine of Sienna RC Church (1908)
         - Jeffrey Jones Jr.
2 - From Farming to Flying and Beyond: The Reiserts of Valley Stream
         - Elizabeth Baily
3 - A Family That Grew and Grew: The Rottkamps of Fosters Meadow
         - Jerry Rottkamp
4 - How To Discover Our History on the Fosters Meadow Website
          - Raymond Hoeffner/Paul Hoffman



A Fosters Meadow Presentation - April 6, 2019


1 - A Look at the Early History of Valley Stream  

     By Elizabeth Bailey


2  - And the Number 1 Farmer of Fosters Meadow is …… 

      By Edward Wesnofske


3  - Playin in Fosters Meadow

      By Paul Hoffman