1880, Henry, the second son of this family was living in Fosters Meadow. (ED 274 sheet 29 line 24).

There were two families named Hartmann that emigrated to Long Island from Borgentreich, Westphalia in the middle of the nineteenth century. Borgentreich is 152 miles north of Frankfurt, Germany.


The families were descendants from Franz Xavier Michael Hartmann and his wife, Anna Katharina Haverkamp, and from Joseph Hartmann and his wife, Helena Hillebrand/Hillebrandt. We do not have any records showing that the two families were related.  Both families were from the Roman Catholic parish of St. John the Baptist in Borgentriech whose records were used in this research.  The parish register of St. Boniface, Fosters Meadow, was also consulted.


The family of Joseph and Helena included seven children: Johan Anton, Johannes Heinricus, called Henry, Joseph, Andreas, Maria Magdalena, Anna Maria Elizabeth, and another child named Maria Magdalena.


In the US Census of


Henry was married to Anna Maria Gattung and they had seven children at the time.  They were:

  • Magdalena who was born in November, 1965 and never married .
  • Mary who married Frederick Batt about 1892.
  • Anne who married Charles Kiesel, son of Charles Kiesel and Rosina Hoppenhauer.
  • Anthony who married Margaret Krug at St. Boniface on February 8, 1898. She was the daughter of Stephen Krug and Mary Eichorn.
  • Franz Joseph who died on Sept 16, 1929 .
  • Katherine Christina who married Henry Zimmer on February 15, 1898 at St. Boniface. He was the son of Henry Zimmer and Anna Maria Hartmann and was born in 1872.
  • Rosina Theresa, who died at age of 9 yrs. On June 4, 1888 .
  • Marie Elizabeth - their last child who was born July 13, 1883 and married John Holtz on February 23, 1903 at St, Boniface. He was born about 1880 and was the son of Ernst Holtz and Anna Brady.


The US Census of 1880 also included an Agricultural Census. On June 16, 1880 Henry Hartmann, spelled in this instance Hartman, is recorded as owning 32 acres. His farmland, fences, and buildings were valued at $3000. Farming implements and machinery valued at $150., livestock valued at $200. He owned 2 horses, 2 milk cows, 1 calf dropped and 3 swine. Cost of fertilizers purchased was $300. The amount paid for labor, including value of board in 1879 was $100. Number of weeks of hired labor was 26. The estimated value of farm produce in 1879 was $700. Farm produced 100 pounds of butter, 75 dozen eggs, 15 poultry birds. This ends information on Henry Hartmann’s agricultural production.


Anna Maria Elizabeth Hartmann, a daughter of Joseph Hartmann and Helena Hillebrand and sister of the above Henry, also lived in the parish of St. Boniface. She was married to Frank Gattung and in the US Census of 1900, Anna and Frank Gattung lived on Farmers Avenue near Hollis Avenue. They had sons Anton, age 24, Frank, age 22, and Joseph and Henry, both listed as being age 19.


The Hartmann family of Franz Xavier Michael Hartmann and Anna Katharina Haverkamp also lived in Fosters Meadow, although their mother, Anna Katharina is yet to be found in a census or record from Long Island. She may have died in Germany. Franz Xavier Michael Hartmann, the husband and father, died in Queens in 1875 and is buried in St. Boniface Cemetery.


The children of Franz Xavier Michael Hartmann and Anna Katharina Haverkamp, born in Borgentreich, are as follows:

  • Anna Maria who was born in 1841 and married Henry Zimmer. She died on December 22, 1905 in Elmont, NY.
  • Johan Joseph, who was born on August 13, 1842.
  • Anna Maria Elizabeth who was born on October 2, 1844.
  • Anna Christina who was born on December 31, 1846 and married Joseph Hartmann, son of Joseph and Helena. She and her husband are buried in St. Boniface Cemetery though they lived in Jamaica.
  • Anna Maria Theresia, born February 3, 1849, who became Sister Mary Otillia, OP and is buried in the Dominican Sisters’ cemetery at the motherhouse in Amityville.
  • Theresia Juliana, born May 28, 1851.
  • Franz Joseph, called Frank. (see below).
  • Dominicus Franz, born August 4, 1853.
  • Heinrich Joseph, born May 4, 1856.
  • Joseph Johan, born January 27, 1860 and died December 28, 1918.


The Hartmanns who are descended from Franz Xavier Michael Hartmann and Anna Katharina Haverkamp were represented in Fosters Meadow by Anna Maria Hartmann Zimmer and her husband Henry Zimmer.  The US Census of 1880 has the Zimmers in ED 274 page 27. The census of 1910 has Henry, age 70 living with his son Joseph, single, on Central Avenue, Fosters Meadow.

Franz Joseph Hartmann, called Frank, was born in Borgentreich on August 2, 1852. He was a son of Franz Xavier Michael Hartmann and Anna Katharina Haverkamp. He married Maria Lang on January 30, 1877 in St. Boniface Church. She was the daughter of Joseph Lang and Louisa Schmitt. She was born in 1857 and died in 1890. Frank then married Eva C. Karman.

Eva was born in Germany in 1858. She died in 1937 in Elmont, NY. The house that she and Frank lived in is on Elmont Road, just down the road from St. Boniface Church.


In the United States Census of 1900 Frank Hartmann was the father of a large family from both his first wife, Maria, and his second wife, Eva. The children were as follows: Joseph, 22 , Frank, 17, Katie 15, Maggie, 11, Lizzie, 9, Henry 9, Barbara, 6, Annie, 5, Mary, 3, and Andrew 2.


A descendent of both Hartmann families was Joseph Franz Hartmann who was born in 1870.  His mother, Christina, was a daughter of Franz Xavier Michael and Anna Katharina Haverkamp. His father, Joseph, was the son of Joseph Hartmann and Helena Hillebrand.


Joseph Franz Hartmann married Annie Kiesel.  Annie was the daughter of Mary Wulforst and Henry Kiesel and was born in Middle Village, Queens.

Joseph and Annie lived on Hollis Avenue near Farmers Avenue in the US Census of 1900.  At the time they had daughters Mary, age 2 and Annie, age 10 months. They later moved to their own farm which was also in St. Boniface parish very close to what is now the Belt Parkway in Cambria Heights. They had other children as follows: John, Cecilia, Frank, Joseph, Helen, and Henry.


This short description of the Hartmann Families of Fosters Meadow is by no means comprehensive. I welcome any corrections.



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