Jacob Jacobs and his wife Angela Buchman, originated from Losheim, located approximately 21 miles North West of Saarbrücken in Saarland.  Jacob Jacobs was born on 10 July, 1806. His parents were Adam Jacobs and Margarethe Fuchs.  Angela Buchman was born on 28 March, 1809 and her parents were Nicholas Buchman and Katherina Sewre. At the time of their birth this area was controlled by France. It became part of Prussia after the Congress of Vienna in 1815. 

Jacob and Angela were married on 13 February, 1827 in Losheim, Saarland.


They had four children Margarethe, B1830 (Hanselman), Catherine, B1835 (Benzmueller), Susanna, B1838 and John, B1842. The Jacobs family arrived in the United States on June 28, 1847, leaving from Antwerp on the ship Silphiden.  For unknown reasons Angela was listed on the ship’s manifest under her maiden name. It is not clear as to the exact reason for the immigration but a guess would be the general economic conditions in Europe prior to the continent wide “Revolution of 1848”.


The family settled in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and all but John remained there.  They were active in the Most Holy Trinity RC Church.  Jacob and Angela plus Margarethe and Catherine and families are buried in Most Holy Trinity Cemetery Brooklyn NY.


John Jacobs, the only son, was born 17 April 1842 in Neiderlosheim and eventually settled in Fosters Meadow. In 1863, during the war of southern rebellion, he registered for the draft in Brooklyn and in April 1864 joined Company F of the 25th NY Calvary. The unit was involved in the Shenandoah Valley campaign of 1865. After the war, John was in the NY State National Guard, D Company, 2nd Calvary, and was promoted to Sergeant in 1869. John Jacobs’ occupation on the 1870 census and marriage certificate is listed as a butcher. 


John married Katherine Bayer (1848-1934) on 11 April, 1871 at Most Holy Trinity. Katherine was born in Soultz sous Foret, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France on 30 March, 1848. Her parents were Louis Bayer and Barbe Horner.  Catherine arrived in NY in January 1869, just prior to the Franco Prussian War.  A family story was she was afraid of the Prussians invading and raping the women.


In 1880 the family is living in Hinsdale, Queens, at the northern end of Fosters Meadow. This area is now part of Floral Park. The family had 9 children 8 living to adulthood. John Jacobs died on 13 March 1889 and is buried in St. Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont NY. After the death of her husband, Catherine stayed in the area till 1903 when her son John M purchased a 32 acre farm on New South Road in Hicksville, Nassau County, NY. It is not known how long they owned the farm, however, in 1910 Catherine, is living on Mary (now Marie) St. in Hicksville with her son Henry and her recently married daughter, Margaret Jacobs Ofenloch. Catherine died in Hicksville on July 15 1934 and is buried in St Boniface next to her husband.


Children of John and Catherine:


1 - Jacob T Jacobs (1872-1946) remained in Fosters Meadow /Elmont for most of his life with his wife, Anna Rottkamp (1875-1958).  They were married in February 1896 in St Boniface RC Church. They lived from that time through the early 1930’s on Elmont Rd. Jacob described himself as a Truck Farmer. The couple was active in St Boniface RC Church for their entire lives. Jacob and Anna celebrated their 50th wedding in 1946 there. Jacob died shortly thereafter in November 1946 and is buried in St Boniface along with Anna who passed in 1958. 


They had 5 children.


     Bernard J (1896-1973) married Margaret Stattel (1899-1983)

     John J (1899-1978) married Margaret Tepe (1901-1991)

     Amelia C (1902-1983) married John Wuerful (1894-1967)

     Raymond F (1906-1978) married Florentine Stolz (1910-2002)

     Loretta (1908-1998) married John Hoeffner (1909-1973)


2- John Michael Jacobs (1873-1960) married Elizabeth Wenner (1877-1941) in Jan 1911.  They lived in the College Point section of Queens. Elizabeth is buried in St John’s Cemetery in Elmont.  John is buried in St Charles Cemetery; however the records of St Charles are poor. It does not appear that there were any children.


3 - Cecilia (May 1875- Sept 1875) 


4- Mary A Jacobs (1876-1950), also married into the Rottkamp family in April 1899 when she married Bernard Rottkamp (1872- 1915). They lived Rosedale Queens until Bernard’s death. She remained in Queens until her death. Both are buried in St Boniface. 


They had 7 children.


     C. Bernadine (1900-1987) married John Stamm (1895-1984)

     John E (1901-1965) married Wilma Fleger (1908-2005)

     Joseph L (1902-1952) married Winfred Moseback (1919-2001)

     H. Thomas (1904-1991) married Mary Loeffler (1907-2003)

     Anthony (1905-1969) married Marion Ruhl (1910-1990)

     Cecilia M (1909-1974) married Edward Klein (1907-1984)

     Bernard (1913-1965) married Catherine O’Neil (1914-1990)


5 - George Jacobs (1878 -1950) married Margaret Will Ochenreither (1884-1958) on 17 Nov1904 at St Barbara’s in Brooklyn.  By 1910 they had moved to East Northport and farmed. 


They had three children.


     Marion L (1905-1985) 

     Henry (1906-1968) married Grace E Pearl (1906-1978)

     George J (1909-1959) married Dorothy Fitzgerald


After 1903, with the purchase of a farm in Hicksville by John M Jacobs, the younger members of the Jacobs family’s orientation moved to Hicksville where they married and raised their families. However, the connections to Elmont, St Boniface and Fathers Zeller and Hack continued. 


6 - Angela Jacobs (1880-1956) married Aloysius Kunz (1879-1937) on 19 May 1908 most likely in St Ignatius Hicksville. They Lived on West Barclay St in Hicksville.  They are buried in Holy Rood, Westbury, NY.  


They had 6 children.


     Catherine (1909-1980)

     Josephine (1910-1970) married Michael McDonough (-1963)

     Thomas (1910-1989) married Catherine Lenny

     William (1912-1988) married Ruth Bosch (1920-1982)

     Edward (1922-2008)

     James (1924-1933)


7 - Henry Jacobs (1883 -1966) never married. He lived in Hicksville and Hempstead. 


8 - Margaret (Maggie) Jacobs (1885- 1977) married Joseph A Ofenloch (1887-1962), my line, on October 6 1908 in St Ignatius, Hicksville. They remained in Hicksville for their entire lives and were very active in St Ignatius, celebrating their 50th wedding in 1958. They lived on Cherry St until after WWII when they moved around the corner to Fredrick Pl. They are buried along with 4 of their children with John and Catherine Jacobs in St. Boniface.


They had 11 children, 9 who lived to adulthood. 


     Cyril Joseph (1909-1910) B. St Boniface

     Anna Genevieve (1910-1986) B. St Boniface

     Rita Catherine (1912-2008) Married Phillip Schlosser (1911-1996) 

     Gerard J (1914- 1970) married Edna Holden (1921-2008)

     Willian Anselm (1916-1991) married Mildred Koetzler (1922-2010)

                                                    B. St Boniface

     Henry Hubert 1919-2003) married Mary Toon (1916-1992)

     Bernard Medard 1921-2008) married Alice Apgar (1925-2009)

     Bernadette Marie (1923-2016) B. St Bridget section Holy Rood

     Mercedes Frances (1926- ) married John Quinn (1921-2009)

     Joseph Francis (1928-1929) B. St Boniface

     Gwendolyn Mary (1931-2017) married William Murphy (1930-2012)



9 - Mary Katherine (Aunt Kate) Jacobs (1888- 1972) married William Braun (1887-1969) were married on 26 Nov 1909 in St Ignatius, Hicksville. The family home was on Halsey Ave.  William, along with his oldest son, ran a butcher shop on Broadway, Hicksville. They are buried in St Bridget’s section of Holy Rood. 


They had 5 children.


     Vincent W (1910-1969) married Marian Gephardt (1913-2000)

     Bernard (1913-1966)

     Mary Delores (Dolly) (1917-1989)

     Fredrick (Fritz) (1919-1975)

     Raymond E (Bo) (1923-2000) married Rose Procino (1930-2015)


The descendants of John and Catherine Jacobs are inter-linked with many of the Fosters Meadow families and other long time Long Island families.

Please forgive any mistakes in this narrative of the Fosters Meadow branch of the Jacob Jacobs family. If anyone has any additional information or would like any documents please let me know.


Joseph Schlosser.


Submitted by Joseph Schlosser; maternal 2nd great- grandson of Jacob Jacobs.


Email: jschlosser@optonline.net


January 2018