The first Sappelt family to come to America and settle on Long Island was that of Amand Florian (Herman) Sappelt and his wife Francisca Heumann Sappelt.


Herman Sappelt was born on July 13, 1805 in Seitendorf, Silesia, Prussia (then south of Breslau). (Today it is Sieroszow south of Wroclaw, Poland.) He was a farmer. Francisca Heumann was born on June 10, 1812 in Seitendorf, Silesia, Prussia. She was a housewife. Amand died on November 25, 1885 and Francisca died on March 22, 1896. Both were buried in St. Boniface R.C. cemetery in Fosters Meadow, NY. They were married on January 27, 1834 Seitendorf, Silesia, Prussia. They had three children, Ernestine Anna Johanna Sappelt born on June 27, 1834, Paulina Johanna Francisca Sappelt born on October 30, 1835, and Emanuel Theodor Gregor (Robert) born on March 20, 1838, all in Seitendorf, Silesia, Prussia.


Herman and family left Frankenstein (near Seitendorf), Silesia, Prussia on September 11, 1849. After the journey across Prussia, they sailed from Bremerhaven on September 23, 1849 on the ship Freihaendler (Free Trader) and on November 10th of that year reached New York. Upon landing the family went to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn the family lived at 100 Montrose Ave. in Williamsburg, on the 4th floor. After a few months they moved to Leonard St., between Messerole and School Streets, and then they moved to New Brooklyn. In 1853 the family moved to New Hyde Park where they rented and farmed forty acres for a number of years.


About the year 1867 Herman Sappelt purchased a farm of one hundred six acres for in Fosters Meadow. Henry Schmitt who had married Ernestine Sappelt in the early 1860’s farmed the land with his father-in-law and his brother-in-law, Robert. The farm was located in an area that is today called Rosedale, on Merrick Road, east of the twin Ponds. On the farm much of the acreage was devoted to strawberries and asparagus. They farmed this land together until Herman’s death in 1885.


Ernestine married Heinrich (Henry) Schmitt born on June 3, 1828 in Engers, Koblenz Stadt, Prussia on August 19, 1860. Henry was a farmer and Ernestine a housewife. They lived in New Hyde Park and then Rosedale. They had 4 children. Henry died in Rosedale on November 3, 1903. Ernestine died in Rosedale on August 21, 1909. Both are buried in St. Boniface R.C. cemetery in Elmont, NY


Paulina (Pauline) married George W. Weil on Dec. 26, 1855. He was born on April 5, 1824 in Wuerttemberg, Prussia. They had 5 children.

George died on April 19, 1891 and Pauline died on June 22, 1906. They are buried in Lutheran cemetery (today All Faiths), Middle Village, NY.


The third child and only son, Robert, remained a bachelor his entire life. He was a farmer and an inventor plus a keeper of many journals and notebooks on family, local, national and international events. Robert died in Rosedale, NY. He is buried in Lutheran Cemetery in Middle Village, again known today as All Faiths cemetery.


Submitted by Bal Hoeffner