Franz Ridder was born on May 17, 1849, in Westphalia, Germany. He married Augusta Elizabeth Freilingdorf, who was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, on July 8, 1849. Both areas were under control of the Kingdom of Prussia during this time frame. Exact date and location of their marriage is unknown, but shortly after their marriage they immigrated to the United States. They settled in Fosters Meadow.


Over the years, Franz and Augusta were the proprietors of two hotels in Fosters Meadow. The first was located near the intersection of Nassau Boulevard and Hempstead Turnpike, in an area of Franklin Square that was originally called Munson. Their second hotel, called Ridder’s, was located near the corner of present day Franklin Avenue and and North Corona Avenue in Franklin Square. Franz died in 1916 and Augusta in 1929, and they were buried in Greenfield Cemetery in Uniondale.


Franz and Augusta had three children. Their first child, William, lost his life in World War I.  After the war Augusta traveled to Europe to find his remains, without success.


Their second child, Minnie, was born in 1878. She was briefly married to a man named Combes. When she passed away in 1964, she was buried with her parents in Greenfield Cemetery.


Frank and Augusta's youngest son, Frank, was born on Aug. 29, 1881, in the family's hotel in Munson. On May 25, 1913, he married Friedericke Anna Pauly, who was born on Mar. 30, 1892, in Brooklyn. Frank worked as a builder and general contractor in Valley Stream. He passed away on Feb. 20, 1957. Friedericke died on Feb. 19, 1985. They were buried in a cemetery near their retirement home in Miami.


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