Jacob Felten was born on March 8, 1821 in Maßweiler, (Massweiler), Pfalz, Kingdom of Bavaria, today, it corresponds to in the region of Südwestpfalz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Jacob Felten's parents were Georg Velten (spelling found in German records) and Magdalena Schumann. He also had 5 siblings, George, Franz, Maria Elisabeth, Maria Anna, and Elisabetha. Jacob married Maria Anna Treubig on July 17, 1842 at Most Holy Trinity Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Maria Anna Treubig was born on January 8, 1822 in Kimmelsbach, located circa 150 miles north of Munich, Bayern, Germany. She sailed out of Bremen on the Barque Leontine in 1836 with her parents Joseph Treubig and Maria Anna Jarsdorfer as well as her five siblings, Jacob, Andreas, Barbara, Johanna, and Eva.


Interesting to note is that Jacob's sister Maria Anna Felten married Johann Stattel in Massweiler, they immigrated to America in 1850 and later moved to Fosters Meadow. They had a farm located on Little Neck Pkwy in Floral Park, New York.


Jacob Felten initially resided in Newtown, Queens, he then moved to Fosters Meadow. Jacob Felten purchased 28 acres for $1900 located near the Towns of Hempstead and Jamaica as well as the west side of Fosters Meadow Road in today's Elmont. He purchased this land January 1, 1853 from George Leaven of the Town of Jamaica. Jacob died December 31, 1883 at the age of 62. Eleven years later Maria Anna died at the age of 72. Both are buried at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York. 



Jacob and Maria Anna had 14 children:



  1. Paulina Margaretha Felten (1846) was born and baptized on June 29, 1846 at Most Holy Trinity. No further information has been obtained on her.

    2. Henry Heinrich Felten (1852- Sep 29, 1899) married Catharine Johanna Hummel (1852- Jun 4, 1932) on April 23, 1872 

         at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York. They had 4 children: Jacob, Henry, Mary and George.


    3. Johann Adam Felten (Oct. 13, 1847 - Mar 9, 1902) married Magdalena  Barb (Sep 14, 1853 - Apr 12, 1945).

         They married on January 30, 1872  and had 14 children: Mary Margaret, John, George, Jacob, Mary Anna,  Frank, Philip,

         Henry, Charles, Joseph, Elizabeth, Magdalena (Died at 1wk old), Alois and Magdalena. Johann had a farm located on

         Fosters Meadow Road, in today's Elmont down the block from St. Boniface. He was also a member of Elmont Council,

         C.B.L and also of St.nJoseph's Society. Both are buried at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York.


      4. Johanna Felten (Aug 6, 1849- Jul 27, 1887) married Anton Haetter before 1864 she had 3 children with him: John,

           Elizabeth and Mary.  She later married John Richter on February 10, 1874 at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York.

          Johanna and John Richter had 8 children: Jacob, Maria, John, Magdalena, Louise, Francis, Anna and Henry. 


     5. Maria Eva Felten (Mar 12, 1851) She was baptized on March 19, 1851 at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York.

         No further info as of her birth date  has been obtained.


     6. Elizabeth Felten (Feb 3, 1853- Jan 22, 1922) married Herman Walters  on August 9, 1885 at St. Boniface in Elmont,

         New York. She is buried  alongside her parents at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York. Elizabeth had no children. 


     7. Jacob F. Felten (1853-1928) married Mary Rottkamp (1858-1893). Jacob married Mary July  2, 1878 at St. Boniface

          in Elmont, New York. They had 8 children: Bernard, Frank, Jacob, Sara, Louisa, Caroline, John and Anna. 


     8. Mary Elizabeth Felten (Feb 17, 1856-1939) married George Barb  (Oct 18, 1851-Jan 20, 1918) on January 12, 1875

         at St. Boniface in  Elmont, New York, They had 7 children: Helen, Margaret, Louisa, George Jr., Marie, Elizabeth and

         Philip. Both Mary and George are  buried at St. Boniface in the Barb family plot along with George's  parents.


     9. Joseph Francis Felten (1857-1930) married Margaret W. Pearsall (1861-1941). Joseph married Margaret on August 23,

         1883 in Brooklyn, New York. They had 2 children, Joseph and Fannie. Joseph Francis Felton was president of the

          Lynbrook National Bank, as well as a grocer and seedsman in Valley Stream, New York. His son Joseph Harvey Felton

          was president of the Valley Stream National Bank. Joseph and his wife along with his children and their spouses are all

          buried together in the Felton family plot at Greenfield Cemetery in Uniondale, New York.


     10. Eva Felten (1859) was born on March 8, 1859, she was baptized at St  Boniface in present day Elmont, New York.

           No other further information has been obtained on Eva.


      11. Philip Felten (1859) He was a farmer in Valley Stream and then later in Lakeview. Philip lived with his brother Frank

            in his later years but except for that no further information has been obtained and only his birth date is known. 


       12. Louisa Felten (Aug 4, 1861-1937) married Frank X. Miller (1858-1946). They married on January 18, 1887 at

             St. Boniface in Elmont, New York and had 6 children: William, Anna, John, Philip, Frank and Edward.

             Both are buried in St. Boniface in Elmont, New York. 


      13. Franz (Frank) Felten (Jun 1, 1862-1949) married Elizabeth Richter (1866-Nov 20, 1938) on January 27, 1885

            at St. Boniface in Elmont,  New York. They had 8 children: Mary, Anna, Frank, Margaret, William,  Frederick,

             Marie and Joseph.


      14. Caroline Felten (Feb 10, 1865- Nov 27, 1926) married Philip Hummel (1861-1936). Caroline married Philip

             on November 18, 1884 at St. Boniface in Elmont, New York. They had 7 children: Francisca, Alois, Charles, William,

            John, Philip and Henry . Both Caroline and Philip ar  buried at St. John Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens, New York.


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