The St. Joseph Society of St. Boniface Church

(Sankt-Josef-Verein von Sankt-Bonifactius-Kirche)


The St. Joseph Society was founded in March 1876 by a group of working men of St. Boniface parish.  St. Joseph, as patron saint of working men and model of fathers, was chosen to be the Society's patron and model since most of the members were both workers and family men.


The St. Joseph Society was organized as a social and mutual benefit group. That is, each member paid a small amount into the treasury (the "Kasse") on a regular basis. If the member was disabled, the other members of the group endeavored to assist and upon the death of the member the widow received a cash benefit called "Sterbegeld."


In addition, each year, the Verein had a number of Holy Masses celebrated for the benefit of the deceased members. Members of the Society dedicated their labors to St. Joseph and endeavored to follow the precepts of the Roman Catholic Church. The group remained in existence until the mid-twentieth century, and was made up of German-American farmers.

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