John Conrad (Conrad) was born c. 1825 and Maria (Mary) Margartha (Kocker) was born c. 1822. Conrad and Mary emigrated from the Kingdom of Bavaria. They had three children: Eva Barbara, Mary Francis and Conrad JD. The Kiesel family lived in the Hempstead area and Conrad farmed 16 acres there from the 1850’s until the 1870’s. Conrad next farmed 11 acres in Franklin Square during the 1880’s.


They were founding members of the St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church and were admitted as members on 15 November 1865. Conrad was installed as a deacon in November of 1866 and an installed as an elder on January 26, 1879. They are both listed as being buried in the St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery. In 1999 there was a headstone for the Kiesel’s with the following information: John C. Kiesel Died 11/27/1984 aged 69 yrs. and Mary Margaret, his wife died 1/20/1895 aged 70yrs 4mos. Currently no headstone can be located but they are listed as being buried in plot 39. John Conrad passed away due to pneumonia in November 1894 and Mary passed away in January 1895. The children of Conrad and Mary are as follows:


Eva Barbara (Barbara) Kiesel


She was born in August 1846 in the Kingdom of Bavaria. Barbara married George Bauer c. 1867 and they had five sons and two daughters (See Bauer history in website under History, Bauer). Barbara was a founding member of the German Presbyterian St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church and was admitted as a member on 15 Nov 1865. Barbara was involved with the Ladies Society at St. Paul’s and was Vice President of the society in May of 1907. Eva Barbara passed away in May of 1908.


The children of Barbara and George are as follows:

     -Margarethe (Maggie) Eva Bauer: c. 1867 - August 14, 1876.

-John Conrad Bauer: February 1871 - 19 September 1896.

-Henry George Bauer: May 1873 - November 1958

-Christopher Bauer: October 1875 – April 1932

-George Bauer Jr: September 1877 – 1937

-Anton Albert (Anthony or Tony) Bauer: April 1880 – 1968

-Elenora F. (Nellie) Bauer: March 1883 - 1939


Mary Francis Kiesel


She was born in New York c. September 1862. Mary and George Wigle were married in c. 1884. George emigrated from Germany in 1868. George was a carpenter in North Hempstead. George became a member of St. Paul’s Church on 3 December 1883.


The children of Mary and George are as follows:

-George C. Wigle: b. Aug 1885

-Alexander Wigle: b. June 1887

-Anna E (Lillie) Wigle: b. Feb 1891

-John Studer Wigle: b. April 1894

-Eva Barbara Wigle: b. Nov 1896


Conrad J. D. Kiesel


He was born in New York, c. 1868 – 8 Nov 1940

No additional information has been found on him.



Foot note: There were at least two different Kiesel families in the Fosters Meadow area in the mid to late 1800’s. This history is on the Kiesel family that attended St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church. The second Kiesel family attended St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church. I have not yet been able to make any direct connections between the two families.  




Submitted by George D. Bauer

                      Great-Grandson of Eva Barbara (Kiesel) Bauer

                            and the Grandson of Rev. Christopher Bauer.



January 2018