John Ruhl was born in Frei-Weinheim, today is part Ingelheim am Rhein, a town in the Mainz-Bingen district in Rhineland-Palatinate, on the Rhines west area in Germany. John was born June 28, 1835, and (he was son of Michael Ruhl and Barbara Kling) died March 3, 1921, at age 85 yrs. 8 mos.  John married Elizabeth Lucas in Germany on November 4, 1866 and came to the USA shortly after their marriage.  His wife Elizabeth was from Heidesheim, a nearby town, and was born about 1838 and died June 16, 1933 at 96 yrs.  The 1900 US Census showed the John and Elisabeth and family residing in Brooklyn, NY.  They were buried at St. Johns RC Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens, NY. (Section 11, Range H, Plot 6, Grave 1).


Their children were all born in America as documented in the 1880 Federal Census.


          1 - Anthony born about 1869

          2 - John born about 1872

          3 - Catherine - (1873-1951). She married Louis Schmitz (1869-1954). Their 

                                  daughter, Elsie Schmitz (1896-1972) married Curtis Terry

                                  (1884-1947) on Aug. 5, 1922.  They had one son, Louis Terry. 

                                  They are also buried the Ruhl family plot mentioned above listed above.

          4 - Annie born about 1876

          5 - Charles born about 1877

          6 - George Michael born February 18,1880 -  settled in Fosters Meadow

          7 - William born about 1881



George Michael Ruhl was born on Feb. 18, 1880 in NYC was the link to Fosters Meadow. On November 25, 1909 he married Barbara Kiesel, who was born March 31,1889 and died April 23, 1971. George Michael died on March 20, 1950. They both were not found in the 1910 Census. The 1920 census showed that they were living in Queens, Assembly District 4 and in 1930 census they were in Queens Districts 0251-0500.  The 1940 census they were in located in Assembly District 4 at Highland Avenue by 169 Street, Jamaica, Queens. George Michael Ruhl owned a delicatessen in Jamaica, Queens. They had 8 children.


  1. Marion (baptized Barbara Mary) Ruhl was born October 31, 1910 and married Anthony  Rottkamp on October 12, 1935 at the Presentation Church in Jamaica, NY.  Anthony was born March 21, 1905 and died on April 9, 1969. Marion died on Feb 20, 1990. Both are buried at St Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont, Long Island, NY. They had 3 children: William, Lawrence Anthony and Barbara Mary.

  2. George Ruhl born January 27, 1912 and died Jan 3, 1990 and is buried in St. Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont, NY.

  3. Rita Ruhl born on February 7, 1914 and married Elmer J Doyle on June 24, 1939.  She died on February 16, 1960 and is buried in St Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont, NY. They had 4 children, Michael James, Patricia Ellen, Kathleen Ann, Nan  Ellen.  Rita’s husband, Elmer following the death of Rita remarried to Carol  Ann Hunt and had three children.

  4. Dorothy Marie Ruhl, (twin to John Henry) born February 11, 1916. Dorothy married on October 11, 1941 to Ralph A Hinde. She died April 29, 2013 and Ralph A. Hinde was born on December 30, 1912 and died on October 22, 1977.  Both  are buried at St. John’s RC Cemetery, Middle Village, Queens, NY. They had 3 children: Eleanor, James, and George Michael.

  5. John Henry Ruhl (twin to Dorothy Marie) was born on. Feb 11, 1916 and died Aug. 2, 1984. He married Marie Shaffer on Oct. 9, 1948.  She was born July 22, 1928 and died on Jan 26, 2001.  They are both buried with George Michael and Barbara Ruhl in St. Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont. They had 4 children: Karen Marie, Paul, George Michael and Charles Thomas.

  6. Clara Mae Ruhl was born. May 2, 1918 married John Donohue on September 3, 1945 Clara died on Jan. 6, 1999.  John was born May 17, 1915 and died on Feb 16, 2003.  Both are buried at St. John’s RC Cemetery, Middle Village. They had 2 children: Brian J. and Ann Patricia.

  7. Elsie Ruhl was born on Sept. 12, 1919 and died on Mar. 31, 1991; she is buried with her parents in St. Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont, NY.

  8. Marguerite Ruhl was born on April 30, 1921 and died on Sept 3, 1995. She is buried with her sister Elsie both are buried with their parents at St. Boniface RC Cemetery, Elmont, NY.


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