Nicklaus Kreischer was born in Börrstadt in the Pfalz region in 1823. Gertrud Becker was born in Börrstadt in 1827. They married at Most Holy Trinity RC Church in Williamsburg Brooklyn in 1853.


Nicklaus immigrated to New York in 1847 with his twice widowed mother, Margareta Fattler Kreischer Hack, bother Georg Michael Kreischer, sister Catharina Kreischer (Krug) and half-brother Georg Philip Hack. Gertrud arrived in New York circa 1853 with brother Franz Becker and sister Christina Becker (Hatt). The extended families lived in the Town of Newtown, Queens County working as laborers . When Nicklaus’ brother-in-law Johann Krug bought a farm in Fosters Meadow late in 1854, they all moved to the area with him and worked as laborers on the farm.


Nicklaus eventually bought his own farm and had a large house built in Franklin Square. He and Gertrud had twelve children and most who married chose spouses from other Fosters Meadows families. They included Keller, Hoffman, Kalb, Meier, and three Krummenackers.  By 1900, Nicklaus no longer considered himself a farmer and gave his occupation as landlord.


The extended Kreischer/Becker family had members marry also into the Kiefer, Boening, Hartmann, Reuter, and Meier families.

Nicklaus and Gertrud Kreischer are buried in St. Boniface Cemetery as are Johann and Catharina Krug. The matriarch, Margaretha Fattler Kreischer Hack (b. 1801), may be one of the earliest born individuals buried there.


Submitted by Paul Hoffman