Johann Jacob Stattel was born on March 25, 1820 in Massweiler, Rhineland-Pfalz, Kingdom of Bavaria, and married on September 14, 1840 in Massweiler, Rhineland- Pfalz, to Marie Anna Felten. She was born on December 10, 1822 also born in Massweiler, Rhineland-Pfalz. Massweiler is located approximately 322 miles south and slightly west of Mainz. Marie Anna Felten’s parents were George Felten and Magdalena Schuman, The Felten family also immigrated to Fosters Meadow and were farmers. Jacob and Marie’s first three children Daniel, Susanna, Louise were born in Massweiler and the remaining children, Jacob, George and Mary Anna were born in America. The 1880 Federal Census shows that Johann Jacob was where living in Hinsdale (Floral Park) at the age of 60 along with his wife, Mary (59) and two children Mary and George. Johann Jacob died in Fosters Meadow in September of 1898 and his wife Marie Anna died on April of 1897. Both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery, in Elmont, NY.


Daniel, was the first child, born February 13, 1845 in Massweiler, Rhineland-Pfalz. He immigrated to America at the age of 5 years old with his family. He was naturalized on October 10, 1867, in Kings County, NY, and married Margarethe Hoeffner on November 8, 1870 at St. Boniface RC Church in Fosters Meadow, NY. Daniel and Margarethe had a total of 12 children, Jacob D., Maria, (Sister Raymundo) Louise, Henry Joseph, Katherine, John Baptist, Daniel, George, Francis, Caroline, Margaret, and Philip. He first farmed in Hinsdale (Floral Park) where Our Lady of Victory RC Church is located today. It is thought, his first 11 children were born here, prior to the purchase of his next farm on Little Neck Rd. in Floral Park from the Cox family in 1892, where his last child Philip was born, his two oldest sons, Jacob and Henry and where already out on their own, and  by 1910 Jacob was farming in Marlboro, NJ, Henry in Kings Park.  Today, Daniel's farmstead still exists and is known as the “The Queens County Farm Museum”. In 1900 it was the second largest farm in Queens County, and it was assessed at $ 32,000. His wife, Margarethe Hoeffner-Stattel died on December 24, 1904 at the Little Neck Rd. farmstead. Margarethe is buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery in Elmont, NY. Following her death, Daniel moved to Rockville Centre where he lived his remaining years with his two unmarried daughters Katherine and Margaret, until he died on January 5,1930, and is buried with his wife, Margarethe in St. Boniface RC Cemetery in Elmont, NY.


Susanna, the second child was born on November 1, 1847 in Massweiler, Rhineland-Pfalz. Not much has been obtained on Susanna, We have not found if she was married or where she is buried, however she died on September 29, 1898, thought to be buried in St, Boniface, Elmont, NY.


Louise, their third child was born on May 19, 1849 in Massweiler, Rhineland-Pfalz. She married Henry Hoeffner on November 8, 1870 at St. Boniface RC Church in Fosters Meadow, NY. Henry was a farmer then became the proprietor of the Hoeffner Hotel located on Hempstead Turnpike, just west of the intersection of Elmont Road on the south side of the turnpike in Elmont, NY. Note, the date of her marriage was the same as her brother’s marriage to Margarethe Hoeffner, both at St Boniface RC Church thought to be a double wedding. Therefore, two Stattels, married two Hoeffners, on the same day. They had a total of 6 children, Philip Henry, Johanna, Daniel, Margaret, Nicholaus and George. Henry died on March 20, 1920 and Louise on August 17, 1927. Both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery, Elmont, NY. Their graves are adjacent to Daniel and Margarethe (Hoeffner) Stattel.


Jacob, the fourth child was born on May of 1851 in Fosters Meadow and in 1875 married Mary Anna Barb, born June 8, 1855 also in Fosters Meadow. They were married on Nov. 24, 1874 at St. Boniface RC Church. Jacob was also a farmer in Hinsdale (Floral Park). They had a total of 7 children, John Jacob, Margaret, George, Louisa, John Baptist, Charles, and Philip. Jacob died on April 17, 1918 and Mary on August 20, 1922. Both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery in Elmont, NY). Both are buried in St, Boniface RC cemetery, Elmont, NY


Mary A., the fifth child, was born in April of 1860 and was married around 1882 to Jacob Gunther, born in August of 1853. They had a total of 9 children, John, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Anna M., Mary B., Henry C., Frederick and Emma. Jacob, her husband was a feed store retail merchant. The 1900, 1910 and 1920 Federal Census show them residing on Jamaica Ave. Borough of Brooklyn, Kings County, New City, NY. Their death dates and location of burial are unknown at present.


George, the sixth child was born in April of 1865, and married to Theresa Henrietta Gunther on February 5, 1884. They had a total of eight children, John, one not known name female, Anna T., Caroline, Mary A., Elizabeth, Margaret, and Theresa. Theresa died in 1934.  George died in 1935. Both are buried in St. Boniface RC cemetery, Elmont, NY. George was a farmer and in later years a bronze metal plater. (continued research still on going)


Submitted by Raymond Hoeffner