Philipp Barb was born in Bavaria on September 8, 1819.  He sailed to the United States on the ship named the Johan Frederick out of Bremen and arrived in New York City on May 1, 1847.

Maria Margaretha Kappelmeier (a.k.a.  Margaret) was born June 11, 1825, in Bavaria and also sailed on the Johan Frederick in 1847.  It is not known if they knew each other prior to the journey or met on the ship.

Philipp and Margaret married, lived in Newtown, Queens, and when their son, George was born in 1851, he was baptized in Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  

In 1852 Philipp purchased a 16 acre farm in Jamaica (Fosters Meadow.) There they raised their family.

Philip became a citizen in 1857, ten years after he arrived in the US.  He died 1872 at the age of 52. Thirty years later, in 1902, Margareta died in Fosters Meadow at the age of 76.  They are buried together in St. Boniface Cemetery in Elmont, NY.

Philipp Barb and Margaretha had 3 children:


  1. George (1851-1918) married Mary Felten*  (1856-1939)     

George and Mary had 7 children:

  • Margaret (1876)
  • Louise (1877) 
  • Jacob George  (1878)
  • Maria Magdalena (1881)           
  • Frances  (1882) 
  • Henry Philip (1887)  


  1. Magdalena(1853-1945) married Johan Adam Felten*(1847-1902)  

Magdalena Barb was born in Jamaica and baptized at St. Benedict’s Church in Brooklyn.  In 1852 she moved with her family to Fosters Meadow.  She married Johan Adam Felten, a local Fosters Meadow farmer, (brother of her sister-in-law Mary.)   Magdalena died in Fosters Meadow in 1945 at the age of 91--her husband Johan had died 43 years prior in 1902.  They are both buried in their family plot at St. Boniface Cemetery only a quarter of a mile from their farm house. They raised the 12 of their 14 children who lived to maturity:

  • Mary Margaret (a.k.a. Margaret) (1873-1963) married Peter Klein.  Peter was a farmer from Blackstump (Fresh Meadows) and a widower (of Helene Schleider), with 3 very young sons. 


Margaret & Peter had 8 children of their own:  3 sons and 5 daughters.  Together they raised ten children who lived to maturity. 

One son, Jacob, served in WWI (in France) where he was exposed to debilitating poison gasses.    In 1922, shortly after returning from the war, these gasses caused complications during surgery and resulted in Jacob’s death in 1922. 

Margaret lived to be 90 and is buried with Peter and several children in St. Boniface Cemetery.

  • John Jacob (1874-1938)           
  • George (1875-1936) married Elizabeth Nussbaumer
  • Jacob (1878-1971) married Anna Seidler
  • Mary (1879-1973)
  • Frank (1880-1970) married Anna Seaman; 1 daughter
  • Philip (1882-1957)
  • Henry (1885-1969) married Mathilda Hoffman;* 1 son, 1 daughter
  • Charlie (1887-1869) married Margaret Land, Regina Diffenbach
  • Joseph (1889) 
  • Elizabeth (1890) married John Linder; 3 sons; 1 daughter

Two of their sons were killed in action in World War II, one in Anzio—one at the Battle of the Bulge; they are buried together in Netherlands American Cemetery in Limburg, Netherlands.

  • Magdalena (1891-1891) died in infancy
  • Aloysius (1893-1982)(a.k.a. Ally) married Elizabeth Robrecht Clark 
  • Magdalena (1894-1894) died in infancy


  1. Maria Anna  (1855-1922) married Jacob Stattel*

Their 9 children were:

  • Jacob John (1876)
  • Daniel (1877)    
  • Margaret (1878)
  • George (1880)
  • Louise (1881)
  • Frances (1883)  
  • John Baptist (1885)
  • Charles (1888)
  • Philip (1893)         





 *Denotes other Fosters Meadow family names.



Prepared by descendants of Philipp & Maria Margaret Barb

Any questions, additions, or corrections feel free to email.