Joseph Herte was born circa 1800, probably in the duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Anna Maria Elizabeth Reitz, born 25 Apr 1801 in Hesse-Darmstadt. Joseph and Anna Maria were married on 9 Jan 1831 at the Catholic Church in Oppenheim, Reinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt. After the death of her husband, Anna Maria and at least three sons immigrated to the US. She and two of her sons came to live in Fosters Meadow.


Joseph and Anna Maria had eight children in Oppenheim:


1 - Jacob was born in September 1832. He immigrated to the US sometime between 

      1852 and 1855 and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He married Elizabeth Ebbert 

      (born  circa 1836 in Hesse-Darmstadt) in 1858 and had seven children: Kathrina 

      (1859-), Clara (1862-), George (1864-), Frank (1866-), Anna (1869-)

,     Margaret Elizabeth (1872-1953), Albert Jacobus (1875-), and William Martin 

      (1875-1947). Jacob Herte died on 12 Feb 1908 in Milwaukee and Elizabeth in July, 1914.


2 - Anna Maria was born Oct 1835, 


3 - Joannes was born 10 Apr 1838 and died the same year.


4 - Joseph was born 7 Apr 1839. He immigrated to the US on 26 Oct 1857 and settled in New York where he married  

      Elizabeth Daly. The couple moved to Newtown where Joseph worked as a farm laborer. By 1880, Joseph

      bought a farm in what is now the Queens Village area. The couple had eight children: 


            A  Sebastian (1863-1906) worked on his father’s farm. He married Annie Krebs (1886-1892) and moved to

        North Hempstead. The couple had two sons, Anthony John (1889-1977), and John (1891-). After Annie’s

        death, he married a Fosters Meadow girl, Paulina Germs 1868-1934, daughter of William Germs, the first  

        school teacher at St. Boniface. They also had two sons, Edward Frederick (1903-1949) and

        Leonard Jacob (1906-1964). 


    B  Joseph Jr.  (1864-1877). He is buried at St. Boniface, with his grandmother, Maria Elizabeth Herte.


         Mary Augustus (1868-1892), married a Fosters Meadow boy, Simon Samuel Krummenacker (1862-1906).

         Simon was a farmer and the couple moved to the Town of Jamaica. They had two sons, Sebastian (1887-1906),

         and Anna (1899-1903). While their cause of death is unknown, both the father and son could have succumbed

         to the typhoid epidemic of 1906.


     C  Johan (1869-1885)


     D  Anthony E. (1871-1963) worked as a farmer, laborer, and gardener. He married a Fosters Meadow girl,

          Margaret Barb (1876-1967). The couple lived in Mineola had three children, Howard William (1899-1970),

          Viola (1901-1991), and Mildred (1902-1978).


     E  Jacob Simon (1874-1952) married Annie B. Schmitz (1876-1918) in 1898 and farmed in West Hempstead.

          They had two sons, Charles Elmer (1898-1963) and Roy Jacob (1901-1986)


      F  Elizabeth (1875-) married William J. Garrity (1869-). The couple lived in Queens Village area had three

          children, Woodford (1897-), Eugene (1899-), and Henry (1900-).


      Andrew Stephen  (1877-1909) worked as a farm laborer. He married Loretta Bernadette Sawyer (1882-1968)

         and had one son, Andrew Joseph (1907-1982). 


Joseph was committed to Central Islip State Psychiatric Institution in 1921 and died there on 4 Feb 1922. He is buried at St. Boniface.


5 -Sebastian was born 4 Dec 1841. He married Katherina Witzel (22 Aug 1839) and 

      farmed near his brother, Joseph, in the town of Newtown. The couple had four children: 


                  Sebastian (1869-1943) was a farmer in Jamaica, and later Oyster Bay and married Barbara Krummenacker 

                  1872-1941. The couple had five children, Katie (1893-1903), Lillian (1896-), Jacob (1898-1958), May (1903-),

                  and Dorothy (1912-1993).


          Jacob (1871-1958).


          Catherine  (1875-1948).


          Elizabeth (1882-).


      Sebastian died on 13 Feb 1896 and Katherina on 25 Aug 1902. Both are buried

       at St. Boniface.


6 - Philipp was born June 1844.


7 -  Another Joannes was born 19 Nov 1845 and died on 29 Sep 1846.


8 -  Another Joannes  was born on 10 Nov 1849 and died on 14 Jul 1853. 



Joseph’s death is unknown. Anna Maria Elizabeth died 2 Mar 1881 and is buried at St. Boniface with her grandson, Joseph.



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