A Fosters Meadow Presentation - April 7, 2018

Here are the topics presented ...
1- Early Beginnings of St. Catherine of Sienna RC Church (1908)
         - Jeffrey Jones Jr.
2 - From Farming to Flying and Beyond: The Reiserts of Valley Stream
         - Elizabeth Baily
  • Accomplishments of the Reisert family of Valley Stream.   From the development of the Reisert farm circa  1854, and its transformation from a farm into Curtiss Airfield and later the Green Acres Mall.
3 - A Family That Grew and Grew: The Rottkamps of Fosters Meadow
         - Jerry Rottkamp
  • Bernard and Caroline Rottkamp settled in Fosters Meadow circa 1861, They had 12 children they gave way to  numerous descendants and after 4  generations many still farm still today.
4 - How To Discover Our History on the Fosters Meadow Website
          - Raymond Hoeffner/Paul Hoffman